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How do I change my plan to the 45$ special that is currently available?

How can I change my plan to the 45$ a month option with 1Gb of data and unlimited calling? It's a special on until May 31st. When I try to change my plan in Self Serve this plan doesn't come up as an option. I'm bothered by this because I got a new phone only last week and the staff at the Kiosk didn't mention this option at all.

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Hi Mark, To access any of the new plans you will need to pay off your Koodo Tab (if any) and contact customer service using *611 from your mobile phone. At the moment, the switch cant be done online
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I'm curious that the rep didn't mention/explain anything about new tab system and plans? (They introduced their new plans and tab system last month.) If you bought your phone under new tab system, you can switch to a new plan. Call Koodo *611 from your phone and they will help you to switch your plan without charge since you can't do this through self serve for now.