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how do I change my area code without changing my number

I have a nexus 4, and I moved from Belleville so a (613) area code to Oshawa a (905) area code. I want to keep my phone number the same but just change my area code. Is that possible?

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Unfortunately, that's not possible The first three (after the area code) digits indicate your town so whatever town your new number is in will be the new first three digits
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Hi Catherine, You could call Koodo (*611) to can ask if your particular number - last 4 digits - is still available for the Oshawa area but chances are very, very slim... still, won't hurt to ask 🙂
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Telus/Koodo prefixes in Belleville: 343-263 613-438 613-827 613-885 Telus/Koodo prefixes in Oshawa: 289-675 289-685 289-688 905-259 905-809 905-926 Keeping the 7 digits after the area code will not be possible. As Sophia mentions, you might try asking Koodo if you can keep your last 4 digits.