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how do i access failed picture texts

How do i access picture texts. i live outside the service area and when i get one it tells me and gicves me a download button, but if i dont download it immediately (within 20 minutes or so?) the picture drops down to 0kb of data. it says i have until the 6th to download, what can i do

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Try restarting the phone, it will see the message again and you can hit the download button on it. Theres nothing you can do about the date by which you have to download it. You are also able to apply the setting that automatically downloads the messages whenever you receive one, go in the settings of your messaging app, under advanced settings you can turn on auto-retreive for MMS messages.
according to the txt, the picture is now a 0kb file, i can not recieve it. and i cant turn on auto recieve because i live outside of the data service area
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Hi there, is data enabled when you are trying to retrieve the picture message? The message itself won't use data but it must enabled as MMS (picture messages) are transmitted the same way as data. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
the origional attempts outside of the service area no, when i enter the service area yes. how do i get the picture
thank you for a prompt response, I will let you know by how many days you beat the response time on e-mail tech support when they answer me.
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Hey B Rex, 

Here is something else you can try. Go to your messages and click settings. Scroll down to where it says mulitmedia messages (mms) settings and make sure that auto retrieve is not turned on. When you receive a picture it won't be downloaded automatically and you will have to click on download. This should work. 

As an alternative, you may also try to reset your APN setings: Settings- Mobile Network Settings- Acces Point Names (APNs)- Menu- Reset to default.

Please note that in most cases, technical support requires live interaction between the agent and the customer. For this reason, Technical support is very limited by email. To reach our technical support team, give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 (option 6) from another line and my colleagues will be able to further assist you. 

Many thanks!
I would like to thank you for this timely response riiiiiight after the deadline. I do want to say it is still better than the response time on the e-mail, which even if limited, should at least geberate a response.