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How come the new Tabs Are Outrageous?!?!

How does the tab Plus make any sense? I want to get the S6 Edge, which is $100.00 and then an extra $21.00 a month for 24 months.. So I'm paying $504.00 ($21 x 24) plus another $100 up front, so I'm paying over $600 for a new phone AND giving you 2 years of service, where is the benefit??   If I call to cancel my service, will they offer me a better deal?? 

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Also the minimum plan to take it for that price is $59, so it ends up at $80/month minimum. Nobody's forcing you to buy the Tab Plus option. It ends up costing a lot more over time. You're better off with the "regular" Tab option, which allows you to only pay $15/month instead of the $21 and keep your existing plan. If you look at the other carriers, their prices are pretty similar. No, there won't be a better deal when you threaten leaving because Koodo doesn't offer retention plans like Rogers or Telus do.
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I'd just like to point out that the S6 edge retails from newegg.ca for $849.99. Getting it for only $604 from koodo, plus being allowed to finance it interest free over two years IS the benefit.