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How come the G6 jumped from $150 on a medium plan to $400 on a large plan this week?

was looking at an upgrade last week but the price rocketed!

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Hello Tom,

There was a pretty big promotion on that phone last week which has now ended!
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Sales come and go... but I bet you this deal will come back before or on black friday (Nov 24).
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It is the trick of marketing, next time when the price is down, people will try to grab it quickly 😉
It seems all the promotions on all the phones have ended.

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Best thing to do, if you're willing to wait until the next big promotion (possibly Black Friday?) is go into your local Koodo Shop or multibrand retailer (Mobile Shop, etc) and ask them to take down your name and number and create a reminder to call you next time there is a great deal.  That way you shouldn't be left out.
Lesson to learn here, don't wait too long to take advantage of a deal, get it ASAP (if you can afford  it)