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How can we explain that ?

  • 23 July 2013
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i recently purchased a beautiful LG nexus 4. I was happy with my purchase but not for a long time. In the building where i am working , my phone has no reception at all. I went back to the store and i got a replacement phone since i was under the 14 Days return/exchange policy. The nightmare just continued ! I would understand that indoor the reception can be disturbed by many things , but i used to have an Iphone which was working great. Adding to that, on of my colleague has the exact same phone with Rogers and he has no reception issue . How can we explain that ?

7 replies

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Buy cell phone booster, it'll help boost signal indoor reception, Koodo does not guarranty good indoor reception I was told once. I know a friend that went through same situation, he had an iphone that was working fine in the building, he had to buy new Android phone he run on same situation, he was convinced that it was phone problem.
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Have you tried other Koodo Android phones in the same building? Likely a Telus/Koodo network issue. I know at my work I had weak signal in certain areas depending where I was sitting.
No cell phone provider can guarantee indoor service. Not everyone phone is going to respond the same when in doors. It does suck that you get no reception, but there's probably something that is causing your signal to be dropped. Koodo won't be able to fix this as it's strictly an in door issue.
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There is a lot of variability here. First off with Rogers, this is an unfair comparison as towers can be located at different distances and your colleague might be running on Roger's 2G network. Comparing Koodo iPhone to Koodo Nexus 4 is a bit better, but a different phone may mean different reception capabilities and sensitivities to different interference. How does the reception compare when you exit the building
No i did not try another Android phone in the building. i have to move close to a window to get hardly 1 bar. My colleague is not running on 2 G network i already checked it . Outside the reception are equals with, sometimes, a slight diffrence (1bar). I know that no provider can guarantee the coverage inside, i also understand that diffrent phones from diffrent providers can make a diffrence for the reception but not a big one (from full signal to no signal ). Anyway i will maybe try another phone model to see.
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No i did not try another Android phone in the building. i have to move close to a window to get...If you pop your sim back into the iPhone do you get full signal again? If so then it's definitely a Nexus phone issue
No i did not try another Android phone in the building. i have to move close to a window to get...unfortunately i do not have the iphone anymore , because i sold it 🙂