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how can i unlock my galaxy S4 to use in Ecuador

I have a Koodo Samsung S4, model SGH-1337M and I would like to unlock it to use in ecuador

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You can use a 3rd party unlocking service, I recommend gsmliberty.com or Cellunlocker.Net. You can also search eBay and find ppl that will unlock phones. Or if you purchased the phone from Koodo and are a koodo customer with an active account you can request an unlock for your device through them but for Android it's usually cheaper to go with one of the first two options I suggested.
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Check out willmyphonework.net

Seems that CLARO should be your preferred supplier there if speedy data is an issue.
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Koodo will charge $30 or $50 to unlock a Koodo phone. Unlock a Samsung on eBay for $7-15.