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How can I remove the Voicemail Icon from my phone- since I don't subscribe!

  • 18 December 2014
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Recently, I took over my son's LG Optimus Chat. He had Voicemail, but I don't. However, the Voicemail icon is always present. I haven't been able to remove it. When I go to retrieve the message, a message appears that the line is busy. I have tried calling my phone from another phone, but the phone keeps ringing- no opportunity to leave a message as some previous people have been mentioned as a solution. Any ideas?

2 replies

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Yep just lisn the voice all the through it will go if not may be error message just do reset it will be okay that's not case just lisn it will go stell counts as new that's the rosion please don't worry okay don't hesitate to contact me please take care or anyone
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Put in a sim card that has voice mail subscribed. Then get a voicemail. Then listen to voicemail and delete it. Now put back your sim card