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How can I recover my pin for access to their automated services over the phone?

I forgot my 4 digit pin pretty much the day I set it, and haven't been able to access their phone system without it. I saw a reply to a similar question about pressing "0", but I've already tried that and it didn't work, just behaved the same way as if I'd pressed "1" and I still couldn't speak with anyone.

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Hi Jason,

In self serve, under your profile settings you will be able to re-make the PIN on self serve.
Awesome, thanks!
I just went through my self serve options and see NO OPTION whatsoever to reset or change my 4 digit pin. So I'll have to re-ask this question,

How to I recover my 4 digit PIN?
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To change your Pin;

Once you are signed into Self Serve;
> Click Self Serve again and select My Profile
> then choose the Tab for PIN

The only problem is ,  you need your old pin to change your pin 😞

You will have to call Koodo at ;
1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636)  then 1 for Engish or 2 for French then choose 0 at every prompt and a you will be connected to a representative.   ( i believe I hit 0 four times}
I ended up having to speak with a support tech about something else anyways, and asked her, it turns out there is no way to change it online, only by calling them at the number you gave above.