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How can I get all audible instruction on my phone to be in ENGLISH - NO French - so I can understand.

When I call someone, I get instruction in FRENCH to leave a message etc .I  want all instruction on my phone to be in ENGLISH so I can understand.

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Here this should help

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Is this happening when you get anyone/everyone's Voicemail? If your calling them, and hearing their voicemail, its possible that their Voicemail is in french? Not sure if Koodo can read their Voicemail in a different language.
No, the people I call are all English and I want all the instruction on my phone to be in English as I don't understand French well.
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Hi Sheila, If you are calling someone, the voicemail will be in whatever language they have it set in. Nothing can be done about that. Usually this is all based on the recipients settings and not the ones on your phone.
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Hey Sheila! Seems like your account was set to French,and I just set it to English 🙂! However, if your contact's voicemail is in French  you will hear the message in French. Hope this helps 🙂