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How can I download games on google play store without this app in my phone?

After rooted, I cannot log in gg play store and cannot download some apps. Is there any suggestion? I don't want to download ramdomly on websites as there are malware and crazy pop-up ads. Thanks so much!

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Which Android phone do you have? Rooting alone shouldn't affect Google Play components provided you kept everything stock on your phone. Are you running a custom ROM like CyanogenMod 12 or 12.1? Did you install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP? If so, you can re-flash the GApps (Google Apps) package via recovery. Instructions on installing the GApps package are provided in the link below. https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Google_Apps
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I use my computer to search apps online through google play then send the apps to my phone through wifi.  As long as your phone is connected to the same wifi connection your computer is then google play recognizes your phone model, choose your phone model and click install.  I do this all the time with mine when I want to download a new game onto my phone. 
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Hi Lily, 

Were you able to download the applications you wanted ? Keep us posted ! 
You still cannot log in Play store? Rooting should not affect your gmail acc and gg play store. However, if u cannot manage to download apps from play store. You can have other sources, just rmb to choose website carefully. You can check this site out. Good luck!
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it is odd, as rooting shouldn't be the issue but either way you should be able to send them to the phone from the webstore or if that is to much of a hassle you could install Amazon app store if you don't want to deal with some random site.
Edit your /etc/hosts file and delete all entries and add [b] localhost then save it and reboot phone and try google play again.
Or factory reset your phone.
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