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How can I confirm I'll have coverage in a specific area I will be travelling to in the US?

Hi, we are traveling in a few days to Moab, Utah to go biking.  I have purchased ROAM mobility plans in the past for the US, only to find that I did not have coverage in Moab and immediate region.  Can someone please confirm this for me?


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Because you'll be operating on outside networks that koodo doesn't own, it's difficult to say if you'll have service or not.

Check the coverage maps for AT&T and T-Mobile as those are the roaming partners.

When you get to your destination restart your phone and you'll want to turn off automatic network selection and do a manual scan for available networks. Choose ATT OR T-Mobile. If neither of these show up, you simply won't have service.

Make sure to turn this back to automatic once you return to Canadian soil. You may find this link helpful: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic...
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Rural Arizona and Utah are notorious for poor cell phone coverage overall. If you know where you will be staying (e.g., Moab KOA), call them and try to get a local's take on service there.

There are only 2 towers in that region: 1 independent and AT&T.

I wouldn't waste my money on a roaming plan.