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How can I change the billing texts to come back to my phone as the account owner?

My wife and I recently upgraded our phones (we're both on one account) but now my billing texts go to her phone instead of mine.  How can I change the billing texts to come back to my phone?
She purchased one outright as she was out of country, and I upgraded mine but used the tab balance of her phone towards my purchase.  I suspect that's where the texting got switched.  However I just want the texts to come in to my phone now.

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Log into self serve >scroll down and "View Transaction history" - it will take you to old ss site >
Click "Billing" > Change bill notification > check on  your number
Thanks!...  however I tried that and it only shows one phone number... the one it's currently going to.  I want the other one to be active but it won't show up.  I tried unclicking the number but leaving the notification to text... and it returns with "Please select at least one number."  I can't see anywhere to add another number.
Ok... I hacked in... sort of.
I noticed that as the page loaded, it flashed both numbers on the screen before refreshing and removing the correct one.  So I reloaded again and hit the X in the address line to stop the page loading as soon as I saw the two numbers.  Then I filled out the page and saved changes.  Looks like it took but we'll have to see after next billing sends another notice out.