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Hotspot configuration MotoG Fast

  • 27 February 2021
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My newly acquired MotoG Fast (yes, cheap phone) does a terrible job of providing a mobile hotspot. It tends to turn off frequently (I have not asked it to time-out) and seems to offer much slower speeds when compared to the Samsung I just moved from.  Is this a problem with access point configuration? Even if not, what should the access point parameters be? Thanks


2 replies

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It should not be related to the Apn settings.

Here they are : https://www.koodomobile.com/help/setting-data-your-non-koodo-phone

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There are a few options to try which may improve the hotspot experience. Most of these tweaks are located in the Wi-Fi advanced settings menu. I’ll include a link to the Moto G Fast user guide (pdf format) for future reference.

Moto G Fast User Guide

Disable Wi-Fi scanning:

1. Go to Settings > Location. 

2. Touch Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth scanning. 

3. Turn Wi-Fi scanning off.

If the hotspot signal is experiencing interference, touch Advanced and change the broadcast channel/ band to 5GHz. If the hotspot signal seems weak, change it to 2GHz. (This feature may not be available on all devices or in all countries).

Set Wi-Fi to always remain connected, even when the phone sleeps. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > menu icon (three dots) > Advanced > Keep Wifi On during sleep - Always, (this should be turned on by default, but check anyway).