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Honor 5x and temporary stay

So I have an honor 5x off of hauwei and I will only be in montreal for two weeks but I need a plan. What is the wisest thing to do to get a plan (and sim card)

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Check http://willmyphonework.net for supported network frequencies.

For a temporary stay I would recommend using a prepaid card ($20 + tax at a Koodo kiosk/authorized dealer, but it includes a $20 credit - third-party vendors don't have them). Prepaid base plans start at $15 for 30 days with unlimited text; add-ons for minutes and data are extra. Some users on this forum have mentioned it is impossible to pay with a non-Canadian credit card, so you may want to take that into account.

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in downtown Montreal, many of the malls in the RESO (underground city) have free wifi.

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I would also check to see if your carrier has good international roaming rates. It could be worth it to just use it is in Canada and if you want/need a Canadian number then use Fongo/Textnow via data/wi-fi. You'll need to compare it to 15 for the lowest base prepiad plan with Koodo, and then 25 dollars for 500 minutes is cheapest and 30 for 1GB of data as well.
Thank you thank you. I live in canada but find myself only needing a phone right before im about to leave.thank you thank you and another thank you
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In that case another viable option is getting a data only Sim from Fido. Wow mobile might still have a 25 dollar.gift card as as bonus for signing up for it. It would be month to month but you can cancel anytime. It's 35 for 5GB an you can use Fongo/Textnow. You get about 2 minutes of talk time per MB. And it might still be 3 for 15. Then if you normally don't have a phone plan you can still use it whenever you have wi-fi.