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Home page Galaxy s2x ?

I have the Samsung Galaxy s2x. I have 4 home pages set up right now. Currently when I hit the home button it brings me to page 3, regardless of how I re-arrange the pages. How do I set the home button to bring me to page 1?

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press the menu button on the phone and then choose edit page, when it shows all the pages hit the little home icon on whatever page you want your home page to be.
You can be on your default home screen and pan the screen as if zooming out and then all your pages are there and you can delete the ones that are empty and click on the little house on the top right corner of the page to set your home page 🙂
Hey Grant: I have the Gs2x and if you are running Android ICS there is no way to change the home screen from page 3. That is the default. The comments from Paul & Cristina assume that you have upgraded to Android JB (version 4.1.2 is the current one that just became available). Cheers, Doug