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high end phone selection dismal

More powerful phones need added to lineup. In my eyes on galaxy 5 is my choice right now. Where's the nexus 6 or Lg G3? S5 is nice, but I'm looking at other carriers now, as they have faster and cheaper phones than koodo does right now.

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You can grab any device you want and still use koodo as long as It's unlocked and compatible.
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You have to compare the price of something to the cost overall. If you want to swap your phone out for the latest model every few months, you are not on the right channel. Are you enjoying the posts on the Lol update? Koodo has a specific market target. We rural folks where everything is long distance are welcomed here. As well as others. If you really want to be in charge, buy what you want unlocked and then shop for the appropropiate carrier.
So I say I want a new better phone, and you suggest I move away from koodo? Great idea. Maybe they shouldn't make Lamborghini, and we all drive Hondas instead. I like the idea of the tab, and want yo use that route. Just want a phone I won't need to upgrade for 2 or more years.
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Colin Shainline wrote:

So I say I want a new better phone, and you suggest I move away from koodo? Great idea. Maybe the...

Nothing wrong with wanting a better car. Lamborghini fender-bender, $28K if you have a "moderate" problem. Tab won't pay that off anytime soon. Pick the most marvellous phone you can find now and folks will be decrying 18+ months from now that it's missing NFC payments, connectivity to the newer car, etc. Choose your point to leapfrog into the latest technology, but don't berate those who are one or two steps ahead or behind you. We DO still have freedom of choice, and I respect yours. Koodo has to go with phones that they can order and re-sell in 1K+ quantities.
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Hey Colin, Great idea. Thanks for posting it here. Just wanted to let you know that we've recently added the LG G3, HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to our line up. Check 'em out http://koodo.com/phones