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Hi..need to upgrade my phone ..the glass is broken ..

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It'll generally be cheaper to get the screen repaired than replace the whole phone. Especially if you want anything more than a budget phone. What phone do you have? If you want to upgrade regardless, you will have to pay the remainder amount of your tab. Which will be put on your next bill when you elect to do so, and then you can get a new phone on a tab.
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Hey Alice,
Do you remember if you got the Koodo Phone Protection, it will only be $79 for a replacement.
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If it's an iPhone, the glass repair will be way cheaper than replacing the handset. For Androids, sometimes you can even get a mid-range phone (or last year's flagship) at awesome discounts with Koodo.
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If you have Apple Care Plus or Koodo Protection, it would be cheaper than getting it fixed from third-party and it voids manufacturer warranty.