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Hi ! I want to switch from a S2X (Regular SIM CARD) to a OnePlusOne http://oneplus.net/ that takes a Micro SIM ? How do I do that ?

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Buy the OnePlus One. Buy a Koodo micro sim ($10 for monthly, $20 for prepaid). Then swap the sim on self serve under Phone>Upgrade Phone
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Hi Laurent,

You will need to purchase a new sim card if you haven't done so already. Then you can activate the new sim card on your self serve account. The steps to activate the card via self serve are as follows:

Log in to your account - click on Mobile phone - then select Swap Mobile Phone - Select upgrade my current phone - enter in the sim card number then follow the prompts afterwards and then the new card should be active.

If you have data in your plan and want to add the Koodo apn here's the steps to add it into your phone (be sure to click on Android):


Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
Hi, I already have a plan with you ? I have to buy a micro sim too ?
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Yes you have to buy a micro sim card to use on your new phone. Then you can swap the sim cards on Self serve so your number will be on the new sim card to use on the new phone
Wow !! Thanks guys !! And how about cutting my SIM card ? What's your ideas about that concept... so much stuff about that on forums, etc. ?
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Yes you could cut the sim. But in my mind, it is a bit of a pain. And I dont want to make a mistake and damage the new phone (unlikely but still a possibility).
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Honestly I'd rather buy a new sim card than cut the sim card to fit, reason being is that if you're not careful you may cut off too much and it simply won't fit or won't be read by the new phone. At least when you purchase a new sim card it's already the size it needs to be and you can just pop it into the phone and away you go. Just my two cents 🙂
Some stores have a special cutter that cuts the full SIM to the micro, you could just go and ask them to cut it for you and pop it in your new phone if you already own it. I went from the S2X also to the S4 and I just took my SIM in and they cut it for me for free.
Yes most shops carry the Sim cutter tool and will do it for free, you don't need to spend money on a new Sim.