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Hi! Can I change my plan phone to s4?

I got my plan last may 19, Samsung sIIX, now I want to change my phone to galaxy s4 or iPhone 5. Is that possible?

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You can upgrade your phone at anytime. This is how upgrades work: Full price of phone - available tab = cost of phone to you So you need to look at your tab balance. Currently your tab can go up to -150. So if your tab is at -50, you have $100 towards the cost of a phone which would then make your tab $150. You also have the option of the "Tab M" which is a tab of up to $300. So 300 - (your current tab) = available tab to be used towards a phone. If you get the Tab M, there's an extra $5 tab fee on top of your bill to help pay off your tab. TO be eligible for Tab M, you must have at least a rate plan of $30 or more. Last, there's Tab M which is up to a $500 tab. Works the same as the other tabs but this one is a $10 tab charge and for this one, you must choose one of the mandatory plans: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html (look under "Tab Large" plans)
If I want to change it to iPhone 5, how much will it cost?
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It depends on how much free tab space you have currently and what tab you plan on going with. If you still owe 100 on your tab, you only have $50 available on a Tab S, 200 available on a Tab M, and 400 available on a Tab L. None of us can tell you how much it will be exactly without you providing us the details of your current tab balance and what tab you plan on getting the iPhone with.