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HFO26374826 returned phone

HFO26374826 is a returned phone which has not been completed at this moment.  Can u  pls help me to follow up this item...thanks

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What follow-up do you need exactly? You said that it's a return. But do you want to buy another phone or not or what?

I want my returned phone b completed so I can buy a new phone....I returned this phone 

2 weeks ago ....until now it's not yet completed since they received d returned phone...


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It might take some time before the return process is over, don’T you want to open another line? 

U mean additional phone #.......I just need only one....I don't think I need one....thanks

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Returns are not prioritized compared to orders.
An option would be to pay off the tab and then buy a new phone.  When Koodo finishes processing the return, you will get a credit for your tab payment.


If you are unable to do this, then there is not much to do except to remain patient

You can also email the Webstore here