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Hey - got a new nexus 4 phone 3 weeks ago - I still am unable to sync my yahoo contacts up so I can call or text .

some help would be appreciated - I'm so frustrated I want to take the phone back

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What kind of error are you getting when you try to sync your contacts? Here are instructions on how to sync your contacts if you haven't already https://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130630143258AAsIjny
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Have you added the account to your phone? And have you allowed your phone to sync contacts from your Yahoo acccount?
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Hi Nancy, I am sorry to hear you are having issues syncing up your Yahoo contacts with your Nexus. By any chance do you still have your old cell? what kind of phone is it (android, apple, blackberry, talk and text)? If it is another android or a talk and text, we can guide you on how to transfer your contacts through bluetooth as long as the contacts are still in your old phone even though it is technically saved in the cloud.