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Help with Roaming APN/ ; no service

I recently unlocked my phone and had to manually insert the APN for another carrier for data, I inserted my Koodo sim again and hit default but have no service. I am currently roaming with my koodoo sim card but its telling me no service. Please help. I have tried removing it and putting in m y APN for Canada but its not working. Am I supposed to add another APN for the country I am in?

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Helle there.

Have you added the free international roaming package from self serve? Is data roaming enabled on your phone?

Here's how to add the free international roaming packages. There's two of them : 

Connect to sell serve and go to your add-ons

Click to change the add-ons

Search for 1) International Voice Roaming and 2) International Data Roaming

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Also your APN is only for data and has nothing to do with getting a signal for cell phone service. Where are you now?