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help this new phone really sucks

  • 3 November 2020
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Ive been Koodo tab customer for few years now I had a lg g6 and loved it. So when my upgrade time hit the guy at the store recommended a lg k61. The specs seemed great so I said yes. The first month or so it was ok but now it's been about 3 months and its terribly slow . Lags all the time doesn't pair with my galaxy watch very well boots it off at least once a day. The games I play the lg g6 smokes this k61. So I want a different phone. How can I go about this? I always pay my bill ahead of time been super loyal to koodo

3 replies

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There are three ways to solve this.

  1. Pay off your Tab along with the Tab Bonus and decide to upgrade another phone with Koodo
  2. Keep your Tab and buy a phone outright off Amazon or another retailer
  3. Keep everything as it is and use your LG K61 or LG G6 instead
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Unfortunately, Koodo does not offer special deals so early in your “contract”. Therefore, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for having a special deal from them. What I would do tho, is wait for Black Friday to see if there’s any nice deals to get. Before that, I’d also try a factory reset of the phone. It may solve the issue.

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Koodo has a 15 return policy (30 days for online orders).  Unfortunately at 3 months, the phone is yours.