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help stuck at airport with no network

Was in Europe for a month and phone worked fine but I just arrived home (Edmonton International Airport) and I'm getting no Koodo network connection so I can't get a hold of my ride - I'm stuck here! Why won't my phone work???

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While the phone is on try taking out the battery and SIM CARD for a minute or so and then replace them and try it again. If that doesn't work try searching for towers manually, if you have an Android go to settings - more settings - mobile networks - network operators and let it search for towers, then a list of towers will pop up and you should choose koodo or telus if koodo doesn't show up and you should now have service. If this helps let us know and star the answer that helps solve your issue. Thanks
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Also make sure the phone is not set to 2G or GSM only. Would also be on the mobile networks page.
The search for towers plus the GSM only thing (did both at once) did the trick. Thank you so much!