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help please

when i try to download any apps it says error 919 how do i fix this

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Hi Heather, It looks like it is a Google error: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/chrome/BOQhaBUiARY/-d4DS-gU9x8J You might need to do a factory reset on your phone 😞 Try to clear the cache first and some of the suggestions given in that thread... what phone is it?
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Before you try a factory reset, do this: 1. Remove your Google account from your phone. Settings > Accounts & Sync, or maybe just under a settings section with all of the accounts on your phone (if it's a Nexus), etc. Androids are laid out differently depending on the manufacturer. 2. Don't know which phone you have, but go to Settings, then Apps/Application Manager, etc. Scroll right or select the "All" tab, then find Google Play Store. Select "Uninstall updates". Say yes when it prompts for confirmation. 3. Try going back to the Play Store app in your phone. It should ask for your Google account information again, so enter it again. Then it should install updates again. See if you can install apps once more. If all this fails, I don't know. Factory reset, burn it, launch it into space... any of those will fix it. 😛