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how can you turn on caller ID? Every time I get a call from someone on my contacts it comes up as an unknown caller.

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You need to have the feature first. Check you bill to see if you have the feature bill separate or part of the plan. usually if it is part of the plan, there will be a "CD" in the name of the plan that represents the call display
If it is not included, you can go to your nearest koodo provider and they can easily set you up. I believe it is only an extra 2-5 dollar fee.
If you don't have it you should be able to add it to your plan from the website or smartphone app.
I am paying extra for caller ID monthly. Sometimes they have packages or deals for caller ID. But if not, I believe it is a $5 extra charge. I got a package deal when I got mine and I have voice mail and caller ID for $7 a month instead of $10. So make sure you ask a Koodo representative!
Remember that the name won't show up unless its in your contact list.