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HELP! phone bill is really high but it says i have a credit

got my phone bill and its pretty high, but i downloaded the bill to see the details and on the bottom of the first page it says that i have a credit balance -no payment is required this month , but it says my bill has to be paid by october 24th... HELP!

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Can you post a pic with your personal info blacked out so we can see exactly what your seeing

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Minus $358 means you have a credit of $358. This description is strengthened by the previous balance being minus $420-something and the $67.20 added to it does not become $480-something.

As long as you paid the $260 referenced in the second line, and there has not been a payment in error from someone else's account, you are sitting on a credit balance, and should need make no payments for about 5 months.  Keep watching your bill until the minus sign disappears from your final balance. Once it becomes positive, you then owe Koodo for your bill.