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HELP! Paid in full to renew base plan and booster add on two days in advance, money withdrawn from my bank account, but base plan expired?

My base plan was set to expire August 27th, 2016. I paid the full amount for my base plan AND booster add on two days in advance. The money was taken out of my bank account, as shown in my online banking activity, HOWEVER today my base plan still expired on me and I can't use my service. I called customer service today and was notified it'd be an HOUR WAIT to speak to someone. I worked all day and wasted all three of my breaks, including my hour lunch trying to sort out this bs. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I could potentially either get my service to work or get my money back? 

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Send a private message on Koodo’s Facebook or Twitter page. Those reps have access to your account, which we don’t have on this board, and you will avoid waiting on hold in the telephone queue.

I'm definitely not making excuses for Koodo, but seems there's an extra delay between making a banking withdrawal and getting that item posted to your Koodo account that doesn't exist if you use a credit card.

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BobTheElectrician wrote:

Send a private message on Koodo’s Facebook or Twitter page. Those reps have access to your accoun...

Hey Trina! Just confirming, for the prepaid service we only accept payment via credit card (including visa debit) and prepaid vouchers.  We don't accept payments via online banking. Do you see the funds on your prepaid account? 
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I'm confused...

How did you make payment/top up your prepaid account?
If you paid manually by cc or top up voucher, it will added to your account instantly.  And you can see the new balance on the screen right away.
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Do you have auto-renew set up on your account, or do you have to update your booster and plan manually each month?