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Help my Koodo phone number does not work and I am overseas!!!

I traveled to the UK and my Koodo phone number did not work! Any suggestions? It shows to me that there is no signal while I have all the following add-ons: Call Waiting Conference Calling Call Forward PPU Access Provisioning Service Voicemail Call Display Outbound Call Display Additional data $5/250MB Unlimited SMS and MMS US Roam Toll @ $0.00Cdn US Roam Air@1.50 Data 2.5GB 911 Government Fee Koodo Data & SMS Rates Text Messaging Services Unlimited Canadian LD Extra LD Rate (Cdn) PPU Call Forward Toll Intl Long Distance Promo NS 911 Government Fee Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance Intl Long Distance Promo

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Try log into self serve > phone service > Add-ons > add International Voice Roaming ($0/month) If yo use your Koodo phone in the UK, there will be International Roaming Rates $1.50/min, $5.00/mb, $0.60/text http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling
Thank you for the fast replay! I could not find any add International Voice Roaming ($0/month) in my add-ons
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Are you on the spending limit program? If not you should see this.

Thank you and I appreciate your help. I will contact Koodo and I will see what they can do