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Help! Mobile Data problem!

I have an Alcatel Idol. I am able to connect to WiFi with no problems but not with mobile data. I have checked with my carrier and I have plenty of data & I have done a factory reset and it did not help. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what might be the problem? Thanks!

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Is this a sudden problem? Check out your APN in the mobile networks settings

It's been like this for a couple of weeks. Works great with WiFi but as soon as I leave home or not around another open WiFi connection I cannot connect with the Internet. At first I thought I was over my data usage but I have plenty of data
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Can you confirm please whether or not you ollowed Bob's suggestion to check your APN settings? Also do you have data enabled in settings? A factory reset should default data on but you never know.
Bob the electrician you are awesome!! Thanks so much for your help and thank you for your suggestion Goran.