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Help me, dont want to lose pictures on phone

Samsung GS4, 6 months old. Screen will not turn on. Sometimes the notification light comes on but nothing will come up on the screen no matter what i have done. Phone was fine 3 hours ago but is unresponsive beyond the odd notification light or vibrate, Black screen. When plugged into a charger the red charging light comes on but as soon as a button is pushed the light disappears.

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I'd definitely send it in for warranty repair, Georgie. However to safeguard your pictures, I would suggest you back them up to Dropbox (really easy) - if you can still get your phone to work long enough to set it up!
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Try connecting your phone to your computer via USB cable and see if it will detect the phones' internal storage. If it does, look for the folders Camera, Gallery, Photos, DCIM or 100MEDIA and copy the folders to your computer.