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help me buy a phone

I would like to have a phone with a credit card swipe system. Does anyone have any advice about what phone to use [or not use] and what app is good? My preference is towards android phones. Thanks.

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The best thing to do is to check the credit card swipe unit and find out which devices are compatible with the swipe attachment. If the Galaxy Note 2 is compatible then I would suggest it as you can also have the S-Pen if need to sign receipts or contracts or whatever, it's a great phone for business.
If you are looking for a phone where you can swipe a credit card, there are currently no phones available with a credit card reader. If you would like a credit card reader, then try going to https://squareup.com/ca . My friend has a bakery in her basement that she uses to make sweets and when she has to make a delivery and a customer has to use a credit card, she uses this device with her Samsung Galaxy S3 but its available on almost all phones. Now for a phone. I would strongly suggest getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 if you would like an android phone. I currently use this phone and it is my favourite. In the past few months, i have used phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2x, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and the LG Nexus 4. I had no issues with these other phones but i just liked the S4 better. The best features were: •The New 1920x1080p screen resolution. It makes everything look so nice and crisp and clear •The fact that you can use your hand or voice to answer calls. I was also able to do this on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but the S4 was more accurate because on my S3 i had to use apps that constantly crashes • Very good battery life. I use my phone a lot. The new battery lets me last 2 day straight without having to charge it. •Cool new camera features which are exclusive to the S4. If you have seen the commercials, then you know what I am talking about. •5" screen. My other phones had smaller screens except for my Note 2 which had a 5.55" screen. The fact that the screen was bigger and it had a lower resolution, meant that things didnt look as good. I hope i helped 🙂
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Chris Mansour wrote:

If you are looking for a phone where you can swipe a credit card, there are currently no phones a...

I have the Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy Note 2 and I love my Galaxy S4 more than my Note 2 but for business use the Galaxy Note 2 and S-Pen features which and allow for accurate bill/contract/receipt signing and the larger display that will be easier for elderly to see if you have to show them something about a bill or if you have a website ect make it a much more fitting device. If you have a website the Galaxy Note 2 is also great to run and create things on your website as well, I run my entire website right from my Galaxy Note 2 including writing articles, editing articles, creating Headings and photos with the S-Pen and responding to comments posted on my site. It's a great device for business where the S4 is more a fun device that's great for gaming and surfing the Web. That S-Pen is just a great thing to have and makes you look more professional when you whip it out and ask for a signature 😉