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I don't get the prepaid plans idea

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You have to elaborate a little more Curtis before anyone can help. What exactly are you not getting?

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Here's the idea, Curtis:   you are only committed to paying $15 per month (for unlimited texting, voicemail, and other phone services) and you are free to build a customized plan for yourself on this foundation.  People with modest or irregular calling and data needs are well-served by the options available.
Unique to Koodo is that when you buy a block of minutes or data, there is no deadline to use it or lose it, as long as you pay your base plan monthly charges.  Most of us mainly use the included unlimited texting but want the option of calling and using data available. With the Koodo boosters, you have this option always available for your use and your minutes and data will never expire.  

Koodo gives you 100 local minutes when you sign on, if you register a credit card; otherwise, you buy boosters of minutes.  These minutes are Canada-wide and flexible in use.  So if you need to call someone located outside Canada, you can use these minutes to do so:  2 Can-wide minutes for 1 minute to the US and 5 Can-wide minutes per other international calls.  For $25, you get 500 minutes -- 5 cents per minute.  For $5 you get only 25 minutes -- 20 cents per minute.  It pays to buy a bigger booster and there is no risk because the boosters never expire as long as you are a customer.  If you only make an occasional call, a booster could last years.

You can buy data boosters as well: $20 for 500 MB.  That's cheaper than the pay per use available on the postpaid plans.

If you are travelling to the US, you can buy different boosters for any combination of minutes, messaging and data use.  Again, these boosters do not expire. So if you go to the US now and again, you can use left over minutes/data/messaging credits on subsequent trips.  It's also easy to purchase more boosters while in the US if necessary.

And, of course, your family and friends can call you in the US with no long distance charges since you have a Canadian phone number!

So, Curtis, the "idea" is that you can control your own costs, only pay for what you use, have the flexibility to use your phone in the US as well as Canada and require no credit check to get a prepaid account at a low base rate + whatever boosters you may want. 
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I suggest you read this page first: https://www.koodomobile.com/prepaid-plans

Then come back and ask any specific questions as Bernard suggested 🙂