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help help help !!

okay so today my mom is instead in buy a Samsung galaxy s2x but she wants to know how it all works and if a great phone and how the $100 bonus.gift works just all the setting up stuff from step 1 to the end please I need to know so I can get the phone today???

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and no koodo will answer there phones
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Hayley: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/help-19hxv9 http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/what_is_the_100_bonus.gift Please, develop a memory 😃 Mine is better than yours!
well lets start with the phone i have the phone you are talking about and injoy it very much and about the 100.gift card twenty five of it has to go to accessories for the phone and the other u can do what you want and the set up is very easy and the phone will help you for the first bit to learn and you an always download the users guide for the phone when you get home
Bring mom to the Kiosk or store.