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HELP! Changed number online. 5 hours later & call to Support (who was supposed to call back) still not working properly!

HELP! Changed phone # online. 5+ hours and a call to Tech Support (he was supposed to call back) and still not able to send text or recieve calls. Need phone for work tomorrow!!

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While a number change happens right away, you need to restart your phone to get it fully functional. Also it can take up to 24 hrs for other telcos to update their routing database to the new number. Typically this happens after midnight the day of the change. It can take longer. But typically not more than 24 hrs. There's not much tech support can do for you until after 24hrs have passed either. It's kinda out of their hands as far as the other guys updating.
Thanks for the reply Chad. I have taken the battery & SIM card out twice hoping that would help. I called tech support and was told up to 6 hours, online it says 15 minutes. Would have been nice to know it would be 24 hours as I would have done it on a day that would've been more suitable. Also Tech support said wait 2 more hours then he would try to call back on the new number, if it didn't work he was going to call our landline to let us know. Guess what, no call, and when I called back tech support lo and behold it had closed an hour earlier. So Tech support needs a kick in the ass for doing that to me. Oh and I had to wait on hold for 36 minutes to get the run around. Totally not impressed with koodo!!
Should I go to a koodo kiosk at the mall for help this morning or try and call tech support again?
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Hi James - I'm seeing some adjustments pending on your account as of this morning. To confirm, you're going from the phone number with area code 403 to 587, correct? The original request submitted through self serve yesterday shows the account going from a 519 area code to the 403 number. If that wasn't correct, there may have been an error inputting the original request.
Hi Ranjan, I called tech support at 9 am this morning and everything has been fixed. Sorry my fault as I thought I could just change the area code and keep my number. So I now have been issued a brand new number. Thanks again!