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Help!!! Camera Failed

My phone for the last week or two has been plagued with the annoying "Camera Failed" notification whenever I try to open the camera, followed by the app itself crashing. I am at wits end trying to make this work, and thus far, I have not been able to solve it. I have tried numerous things to solve the problem that I have found on various forums from people experiencing the same problem. Stuff you may need to know: My phone: Samsung Galaxy SIIx ( SGH-T989D ) OS: Jellybean 4.1.2 ( latest available for this device, I updated after the problem started from ICS hoping it would resolve the issue. It didn't. Strangely, the front facing camera is functional, but ONLY with snapchat. Things I have done to try and fix it: * Cleared the cache from application manager for Camera, and Gallery * Hard Reset ( Factory reset) * Deleted ALL apps that use the camera * Tried installing other camera apps, none of them are able either * Updated from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jellybean 4.1.2 Also, I have followed the advice of others and accessed the 'secret menu' by dialing *#34971539# and then press Phone/CAM FW Ver Check. The results I got were: Cam FW ver : SEEH05 Phone FW ver: SDEH0D When I press the button below, "Phone to CAM FW write", it says Invalid Version. HELP MEEEE!!!!

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The next thing I'd try is a full factory reset. If the problem persists at that point, I'd take the phone in for warranty repair if its still within the period. Otherwise, I think it's just your phone getting 'old'
This seems to be quite the widespread issue though, from searching other forums. One thing that seems to have worked for others was to update the camera firmware from Samsung Apps. Now, that has been swapped with Galaxy Apps , which does not contain any camera firmware. Is there a way to update my firmware for the camera? And do these numbers mean anything? Shouldn;t they match? Cam FW ver : SEEH05 Phone FW ver: SDEH0D