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Headphone Jack Problem. Warranty?

I listen using headphones a lot . Yesterday, I couldn't keep my headphone to stay in the headphone jack. It keeps on popping a few millimetre up. There is no "snap" sound when you fully inserted it , and it happends to other headphones too. There is no lint/dust inside. Plese help.. I got this phone few months ago, will I be able to get a replacement model?

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In a nutshell, maybe. Contact koodo by phone to arrange for warranty service but keep in mind most of these warranties dont cover things like broken ports as the manufacturer considers them physical damage. Still it can't hurt to try. If it does turn out that you're not covered, you can always consider a pair of bluetooth headphones if your device supports it.
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Hi Jacky, It sounds like you may be having some hardware issues, if you have tested different kinds of headphones and it does the same thing you can bring it to the nearest Koodo kiosk and have them check the phone over and they can let you know further if it should be sent away for repair. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂