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Having trouble logging in

Hi! I have been trying to register for self serve and keep running into problems. When I did finally get thru to the point where I had to verify by clicking a link sent to me in an email I kept getting a message saying i had been redirected too many times. I tried in both chrome and explorer. When I try to log into the self serve app on my phone it says "To use My Account, please add your Koodo services" I have no idea where it wants me to go. Please help! I am getting really frustrated with it. Phone is a Galaxy s4 by the way

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If you tried it with different browsers and didn't work, I would  call Koodo.
*611 from your Koodo phone, option 6 for tech support.
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Just mention self serve is giving u an error and they wont charge you to make any changes if that's what your trying to do. Best of Luck