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Having problems with my phone

My phone has some problems with it ie. Wont connect to data, wont connect to wifi, vibration wont work and when playing music the song will skip a little bit. With my phone having issues like this how can i upgrade my phone, will it cost me, and do they charge me the money on my tab

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What device is it we're talking about.
Samsung Galaxy Ace
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Ouch, Okay well that device is pretty old and I'm not surprised you're having problems. It is indeed time for an upgrade but it may not cost you as much as you think. If your tab is paid off you can use it right away to upgrade or you'll need to pay off your tab viability serve if you want to use it again. For instance a powerful new Motorola Moto G is only 150$, use your tab and it will cost you nothing. For an even easier experience there is the Nokia Lumia 635 also at 150$ and again you can use your tab and pay nothing out of pocket. Check Koodo's lineup for other deals. Things are a lot better these days and entry level phones are more powerful and higher quality than before.