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Having Dropbox upload unable to cancel?

I'm posting this because the forum has locked the original post - and as my original question stated I was going to be traveling so I couldn't answer. (Thanks Anna for not actually reading the details btw) The issue i had: trying to upload large files to dropbox and couldn't cancel the upload. It resumed and ate my data just days before a trip to a place without internet. So the suggestions were 90% incorrect or partial answers. Many answered questions that weren't what I was desperately seeking help for. I appreciate the effort but I couldn't solve it through here. The following is what did work etc. For new people with dropbox problems: - turn off data until you resolve the issue. - get on a computer and access your dropbox account that way. Under settings you can delete synched devices. THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED. -delete the cache for dropbox on your phone then disable dropbox. Use a more reliable cloud service. I have PLENTY of data space for all my needs except dropbox is garbage. No option to cancel an upload is just crap-app programming. The option that is there doesn't really stop the upload, just pauses it. I had people trying to get me to change my plan. I don't see the value in that suggestion. One person talked about db app options but mine gave no such menu. I assume he was on a different model of phone. Someone actually said uploading didn't cost money. Uh.. yes it does. And it's $5 every so many MB. KOODO DROPPED THE CHARGES AND GAVE ME A CREDIT FOR DATA. It wasn't my fault. Dropbox came installed and didn't show an icon when it's stealing your data. Every koodo phone agent has the leeway to fix things up to a couple hundred bucks. I worked in a competitor's call centre. Remember that when they tell you they can't help you. I wasn't trying to put stuff on my computer. Someone said just use usb. Duh... I was trying to make the files accessible to me... not move them to the laptop. When I couldn't do that THEN i put them on the laptop instead... it wasn't what I wanted at all. So. If you get trapped in an upload like I did... turn off data, delete your phone as a device using a computer to access your dropbox account and then call koodo to resolve the data issue. This should never have happened. But Koodo was really good. They could see exactly what I was saying in my history. I use around 150-200mb a month... dropbox used 243mb in 5 min. I just explained it all but stayed persistent. Good luck with your version of this problem.

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Appreciate the tip, thank you paperbeagle.
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Ah sucks.

But this wasn't Koodo's fault and they were kind in crediting the extra data charges. There were plenty of solutions you could have done that would have stopped the uploading. 

"It wasn't my fault. Dropbox came installed and didn't show an icon when it's stealing your data."

You would have had to set up Dropbox beforehand for any kind of upload to happen. So Dropbox did not just decide to randomly upload things to it's server. What's really going on is you most likely improperly set up your dropbox.You said there was no settings button, there is. You just didn't find it.

I understand the issue and why it's annoying, but to put blame on Koodo is like blaming your car insurance company for someone else hitting your car.

Glad Koodo was kind enough to offer a you a goodwill credit when they didn't have to, that's why Koodo is awesome. Just be careful with app setup next time