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having difficulties with self serve!

Hey, so ive been prepaid with another company for the last 10 years and decided to go on a contract so im still figuring this out lol! Ive had this Samsung galaxy S3 for 8 days now and love it! I just got my first bill and logged into the self serve site to download the .PDF bill and it says " download unsucsessful, unfortunalty internet stopped working". Then it logs me out and says my login information is incorrect! I was able to go in and look around at the self serve site and even change my password again. So my login information and internet is clearly working lol but when i try to get the version of my bill it does the same thing!? Help please 🙂

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Hi manders,

What browser are you currently using? Is it up to date? KoodoMobile.com works best with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. Try deleting the cache and cookies from your browser, or try in a different browser. If it's still not working, try accessing it from a different network outside of your house!
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Hey Manders,

Has Mathieu's advice worked? Are you trying to view your bill on your phone or on a computer?

Keep us posted!
The Koodo website is janky and runs very slow. Be assured that it's not just you.
I would suggest trying a different browser or saving the PDF file rather than just opening if the open appears. If you have further issues it may also be due to this being your first bill and the PDF is not available in full yet, try waiting a couple days and see if the issues persists at that point I would advise calling customer service from your mobile phone at *611 or another device at 1-866-995-6636
Hey guys sorry for the delayed response! I didnt receive any notifications or responses lol, im just using the normal browser that is on the phone. I have deleted the cache and the cookies and everything and it still kept doing it. I ended up just paying my full bill without viewing the detailed version of it lol! I have since been playing around with the phone and getting to know the koodo ways. Thanks for all your help tho! 😃
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manders wrote:

Hey guys sorry for the delayed response! I didnt receive any notifications or responses lol, im j...

If your doing it from your phone, why don't you just get the Koodo Self Serve app and use that? The app was made to give you your information on the phone. As much as they say the website works on mobile phones, it works a lot better on an actual computer.