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Have anyone try Koodo Repair service?

Bought the Essential phone few weeks ago and the screen cracked ><. Called Essential and they can replace the phone for $199 but will only ship to US. Have anyone try the Koodo repair for screen crack? how much would they charge for a replacement/repair?

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Hi Mandy, I've had two phones repaired through Koodo and both times the experience was fantastic. I haven't had a screen repaired from them but it is a different price depending on the phone and manufacturer of said phone. As the Essential phone is the first phone from a brand new company I'm not sure anyone here would have an idea of the cost however with any repair through Koodo you bring it to them and they send it away and they will get back to you with a quote on the repair and then you ok the repair of reject it and then they will send it back fixed if you agreed on the price or unfixed if you think it's too much and cheaper to purchase a new phone. Most broken screen repairs are usually around $200 if that gives you some idea of cost compared to what you paid for the phone. Oh and my experience of repairs I had the phone back within just a couple days it was impressive. Hope that helps a little.