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My Moto G phone was running out of gas around 5 pm. every day despite charging it nightly and with little usage! How annoying! Complained and got a new moto G with the Securitel insurance plan. I downloaded the Moto migrate app and the old phone said Android M not supported! The new phone, only 6 months newer accepted it no problem. I called Koodoo and they were not able to resolve the problem and securitel iis bugging me to return the phone or they will charge my credit card 100.00! Now I have to go to an AUTHORIZED KOODOO CORPORATE location to let their machine copy the old info into my new phone. What a f**king hassle!

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Koodo does not produce or administer the moto migrate app. It was developed by Motorola and it is a convenience, not a guarantee. The fact that it does not work is in no way koodo's fault. Be happy that they are able to transfer the information for you. If that's too much of an inconvenience, you can always stay home and manually copy your data piece by piece.