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Has anyone installed the latest update for galaxy s4?

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It's 995mb in size. I'm looking forward to the update but I want to know what changes are coming. I was really disappointed when they removed the mobile data toggle.

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Hi there, don't forget to connect to a WiFi network before updating your phone 🙂 You can also use Kies, via a computer: http://koo.do/1KGWBwa. As for the features it includes, we can't say much. You can find more info here though http://koo.do/1bWmawZ! Keep us posted! Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hi Everyone, following my update to lollipop with my s4 I ran into a few issues, the phone would restart occasionally, it would get very hot, the battery would be dead in 1.5 hours instead of my regular 4 with hard use. So i factory reset after advice from the koodo booth rep. It fixed everything and i am happy to report that it feels like a new phone, there are no new issue like i had when i updated to kitkat. I will forever want the data toggle back (no not a third party app, the real deal). The battery life is great, i get 15 hours when at work, 8 with gaming. just letting anyone who is wondering whether to update know.
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Thank you for the update and I'm happy to hear that your S4 now runs as it should. One other thing for others to keep in mind is that after a factory reset or Android upgrade, be sure to disable mobile data. Mobile data will re-enable itself after performing either of these functions.