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has any heard of alcatel lume model A466t: no manual: koodo boxed but cannot locate info anywhere, any info good.

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It doesnt appear as though there is a manual for the Lume. Some details on the phone can be found here: http://www.alcatelonetouch.ca/alcatel-lume A list of all the manuals for Alcatel products can be found here but the Lume doesnt appear to be listed. http://www.alcatelonetouch.ca/product-support Do you have a question about your device that you want the manual for? We may be able to answer the question here for you.
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Oh, I know about the Alcatel A466T.
SUMMARY: It doesn't exist; never did.

My lesson learned was, "you get what you pay for".  I bought it because I was lacking in funds and needed a simple cell phone.  It works just fine; just don't expect to get what the box says, nor Alcatel's website.  ("false advertising" anyone?)

After hours on the phone with Telus and with Alcatel ([b][i]1-855-368-0829) I learned that this handset goes by many names. [b]A466, X466, Lume, Pixi4(4), or in my case [b]A466T (they told me the [b]T stands for Telus). 

After hours in search of an Alcatel employee that both spoke English AND knew that "RAM, GB, and MEMORY" all refer to the same thing, I got a call back from the Thai office to explain that the French-owned company manufactures phones in China, which are then shipped [without software, packaging or manual] to American companies like Walmart, who package them to the carrier's instructions (Telus Canada in my case).  This was their explanation of why the box says 8GB memory but it actually has 1GB available memory, and also why there's no "proper" user guide: technically this phone doesn't exist. I was given a list of other model's manuals to read through and "just use the parts that work on your phone."

SO to answer your question about the manual, you'll find bits of information here, here and here.  You will not find any accessories on eBay (I wanted a rubber case since the thing is so small & slippery, it easily slips out of my hand).  It has Android 6 (Marshmallow) but it's not the standard version; for better or worse, Telus or Walmart tweaked it (meaning even less documentation).  If you want to expand the memory you can add an SD card (up to 64GB I think, I used 32GB), but the handset cannot use the added memory until you "mount" the SD card, which formats it to a proprietary encoding that makes it think the added memory is part of the base memory, but the SD card can never be read or written by any other cell or PC again.

The false advertising was my biggest beef. [b]Alcatel blamed [b]Telus for printing wrong stats on the box, [b]Telus said that's what [b]Walmart told them to print, and [b]Walmart had [i]no idea about anything.  I complained until I got a down-to-earth carrier supervisor who credited me $40 prepaid minutes to offset the price of the SD I sacrificed (so I was able to install more than 3 apps), and the kind man also told me to immediately return it to Walmart (keep the SIM and SD) and he went on Craigslist and found a person near me selling a sweet near-new Samsung for $20 more than the Alcatel cost.

I didn't return it to Walmart within the 30 day limit, however I am packaging it up right now to trade for a half ounce of [i]primo weed.

[b][i]GOOD NEWS: Alcatel is such a lame brand that even most unlock companies don't charge to unlock them from your carrier.  Check out this site.  I didn't find that site until I paid a whole 99cents on eBay to unlock it, got a $10 SIM, and switched the existing phone number to ______* (Cheapest prepaid service in Canada, I pay $45/mo unlimited everything).  {oops this is a koodo site, I won't say which carrier I switched to; Koodo's not bad either.}

Soon I'll forget all about that phone. [b] :-)

The only question remaining is why, specifically, you need a manual? I bet it's about the memory thing?!  If not, call your carrier or the retailer, and bitch until you get an answer.

Next time buy a Samsung on Craigslist; they don't blow up anymore.

*A couple of the details might be skewed, going from memory, but the point is intact.  🙂