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Halloween is coming. Time for the bluetooth look?

Counting on you all to tell me to tone it down if I ask too many questions. I feel a bit like a two year old right about now. So I'm getting on close to having had this phone for 48 hours, and am now l thinking that perhaps a bluetooth ear device might be a practical option -- especially since it is to replace my home phone shortly. I thought it might be best to ask the community before purchasing willy-nilly on ebay if there are any things I should be considering before plonking down my hard-earned cash on what might not be an appropriate device. Questions that spring to mind include: "Are these devices model specific?" (i.e. must I get a Moto G compatible unit or will any old unit do? Are there any advantages to getting a Moto G unit over any other brand?) and "Comfort, Quality and Cheap, Cheap, Cheap: Got any suggestions?" (speaks for itself)

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Hi Flea. i Use a LG HBM-280. It works perfectly for me. Not very expensive and has been very reliable unit. I would suggest one. If you're a bit harder on your equipment id suggest the Blueant Endure, Rugged bluetooth headset. Hope this helps.
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Check out the Era by Jawbone and the Plantronics M55. I would consider the following when deciding: call quality noise cancellation battery life design comfort range mono vs. stereo
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Questions that spring to mind include: "Are these devices model specific?" No, any Bluetooth device will work as long as it is connected to your device. There's no such Bluetooth for a specific device. Are there any advantages to getting a Moto G unit over any other brand? Like I said before, there is no such thing as a specifi unit for the Moto G so the answer to this question will be no. There aren't any advatages Comfort, Quality and Cheap, Cheap, Cheap? Just pay attention with the cheap part. I personally haven't used any Bluetooth headset, but if you buy cheap, you may buy more then one since those things will most likely have an horrible battery life, will break, etc.
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As a trucker i have had three different Plantronics models. I can tell you "you get what you pay for" if you're replacing your home phone with your cell you're going to want a quality unit. The Plantronics Voyager Legend is hands down the best at noise cancelation and quality. Range is important too here since your phone may not be whete you are when it rings. I had the M50 to start and while yes the noise cancelation was there, my caller sounded tinny and terrible. The higher quality Plantronics will give you a better sound quality and be great for being out and about as well as at home. My truck is a bit noisy these days so I've switched to an over the head unit (MT-7000) but thats over kill for a home environment.
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I had the Blackberry HS-250 a few years ago and it performed pretty well, but it was a bit small for my liking. Sounds weird I know, but I felt like the microphone wasn't picking up my voice properly all the time because it was pretty far away. I currently have the Plantronics Voyager Legend like Chad did and it's so comfortable sometimes I forget or don't even realize that I'm wearing it. Battery is good, it can play media and sounds too so I can listen to music while I'm shopping for groceries, the buttons and volume control are well placed, and has a good selection of ear piece grips. My only real complaint is the proprietary charging cable. It's still USB, but the end that attaches to the headset is this little magnetic connector that reminds me a MacBook Pro charger. It's just annoying to think that if I ever lose that cable - which is also quite short - I'd have to buy a specific replacement that is generally not sold in stores and would be a special order online, whereas a regular micro USB cable would be very fast to replace since I have extras lying around my house.
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Jonathan I wrote:

I had the Blackberry HS-250 a few years ago and it performed pretty well, but it was a bit small ...

For 30$ more, you can buy a rechargeable charging case for the legend that uses standard micro usb. http://www.plantronics.com/ca/product/voyager-legend-case
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+1 on the Plantronics Voyager Legend. I recently upgraded from a Plantronics Voyager Pro HD and before that the Voyager Pro. Tried the BlueAnt Q2 HD and a myriad of earlier Motorola BT earpieces, I just wasn't happy with the range and for some, poor battery life and sound quality. For range, all-day comfort, clarity and good battery life, I'd recommend Plantronics.
I went to bed last night lamenting "My head hurts". So much research over such a tiny accessory! I didn't put this much research into the phone itself!! I'm loving this, though. It's good to have the proper names to search and to know what issues to look up. Your experience is greatly appreciated! So far the one thing I'm paying most attention to in the reviews is sound quality -- something I strangely enough hadn't really considered when I entered "Cheap,cheap, cheap" in my list. There are some pretty scathing reviews out there regarding tinniness and garbling. Having been on the other end of what sounds like echoing underwater conversation, I definitely don't want to inflict that on those who call me. So it looks like I won't be hitting "Buy it Now" until I'm good and comfortable with my decision. Your comments have really helped in getting me on the right track. Thank you all!
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Oh and beware too cheap. It also could be fake fake fake.
Good point Chad. I've seen some widely varying prices out there! So far I'm kind of leaning towards the Plantronic with the charging box, as it would also keep it protected in my backpack. Can't afford it this week tho.... Bought yet another Moto G and plan for my son under my umbrella today. heh