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GS3 - the worst phone I have ever owned

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I have had the craptacular GS3 for less than 3 weeks after signing up with koodo. It falls 1 foot off my couch to the floor and the screen is cracked. What piece of junk! I hated it before and even went for a pointless learner centre appointment as it can't even do what my 5 year old Blackberry can, and that was no help. Thanks for locking me in for 2 years on a phone that can't withstand a gentle slide off a 1 foot high couch onto a wood floor. It leads me to believe that these things are constructed intentionally to break easily so that customers will have to pay to replace them since the cell phone industry is pissed about the outlawing of 3 year terms they now build their phones to break sooner. They were certainly built better 5 years ago! We have our first child on the way and can't afford to make the fat cats fatter!

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You dropped YOUR. Phone. Koodo didn't come over and knock it out of your hand! You're not locked into any contract. You can pay your tab off anytime and get a new phone. But take responsibility for yourself.
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Also, since the phones screen is cracked it also automatically voids the phones warranty, so you can either get the screen replaced or you can purchase a new phone. If you found that the phone wasn't what you expected or you just didn't like it, you could have brought the phone back within 15 days if you bought it from a Koodo kiosk and chose a different phone to have. It's unfortunate that the screen broke when it was dropped but just be careful next time around.
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Also, the S III was actually released over 2 years ago. They still had 3 year contracts from then all the way until approx. Summer time of 2013, then it became "official" on December 2nd 2013. Koodo also doesn't manufacture the device. Did you buy a case for it? Those are recommended to protect them.
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This is why I treat my phone so delicately. Especially since my phone is naked. And when the time comes when I do drop it, and it always happens eventually, I get very sad and upset at myself. But this is what happens. I like to live dangerously. But I'm also super anal.