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Great to see a company that listens to their customers :-D

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Its great to see Koodo is fixing the only real issue they had which was a lack of a top tier Android device. The inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a game changing addition to Koodos device lineup. The Galaxy S3 is a feature packed device that shows just how great Android can be when some serious specs are put behind it. Koodos new MVP (Galaxy S3) is a great match with any one of Koodos New double double plans, with double the anytime minutes & double the data of the old plans. Its perfect timing for both that will make a wonderful Christmas present for anyone young or old, but you better act quick before they're all sold. Thanks for listening Koodo & keep up the great work. - KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

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Glad to see a company listened to its customers and gave what they wanted. Just goes to show that if demand is there, Koodo indeed will listen and look into other options. Now just to go back to work on the 6GB plan for $60 😉