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gps on phone

I have a lg smart phone can I get a gps on it, do i have to have a special plan?

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What model is your LG SMART?
Other than having data either included in your plan or through an add-on, no special plan is required. Which LG phone do you have? The phone itself may not have GPS.
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Hi Donald... Your phone should have already a GPS built in, look on your apps for " Navigation " and your will be able to use it... You will need data for your GPS to work... If you do not have a data plan, you will be charged pay-per-use... Check the Data plans on the web site...
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You will need Data or Wifi. Probably Data more so if you are out and about. Depending on the phone you have, I highly recommend Google Maps. I use it extensively since it bus information on it which is really helpful